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How to Install a Pillar Tap

Learn how to install a pillar tap with these quick and easy steps. Whether replacing an old fixture or putting in a new one, installing a tap for your kitchen faucet is quick and easy. In either case, the process involves just a few simple maneuvers.

  1. First: Prevent a wet mess

    Turn off the supply of water running to your kitchen faucets. You can either use the shut-off valves under the sink or cut off the water supply to your entire home. This prevents spraying water or other leaks while you work.

  2. Second: Put it together

    Assemble the tap using the parts and instructions included with your purchase. If a sprayer attachment is included, it must be threaded through the tap before installation.

  3. Third: Seal it tight

    Insert a rubber gasket where the pillar tap and sink meet to generate a watertight seal. If your tap does not include a gasket, use plumber's putty in the opening; this is available at any home improvement or local hardware store.

  4. Fourth: Secure the tap

    Insert the pillar tap in the kitchen sink via a hole in the top. Make sure it is held firmly in place, and then place the nuts on the shaft of the tap to secure it. The shafts must be centered with the sink holes. Once you have assessed that the shafts are centered in the holes, tighten the lug nuts.

  5. Fifth: Hook it up

    Once you secure the pillar tap to the sink, connect the supply lines to the shut-off valves underneath the sink. Make sure to connect hot to hot and cold to cold. Adjust the copper tubing or Pex pipe to fit the lines, using caution not to move them too much.